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Brighten carpet is the manufacturer of both machine made wall to wall carpet, carpet rugs, and hand tufted carpets. Working with us to be one team is the right choice.

We engaged in carpet industry since 1993.

We started to make carpets initially in hand tufted, with the requirement of our customers, we expended in machine made carpets since 2003. Now both of our hand tufted carpets and machine made carpets are well accepted in market.


We take quality as priority. Quality control is a very strict process in our factory. In order to make good quality carpets, we control each of the steps from raw material to production, to finished carpets, making sure that we deliver quality carpets to our clients.

We make carpets from both wall to wall carpet and carpets rugs, either machine made carpets or hand tufted carpets.


We have professional designers in carpet design. If you have only an idea about the carpet, you are welcome also, we have designers who can help you to make your ideas to carpet.


If you don’t have big orders in the beginning, you are welcome also. We know that trust can be built little by little, we will try our best to cooperate you in sample orders to expand your business.


We have good experience in carpet export. We have professional sales team who can cooperate you in carpet design, and carpet production as well as after sales technical support in installation.


Would you like to see some of our carpets?

Due to online display, we have to reduce the pictures pixel, if you need high definition images, please contact us.

About Brighten Carpet

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Brighten, one of the earliest team in China who engaged in carpet industry since 1993. We choose New Zealand wool yarn, imported materials and equipment, as well as the strict quality control. It makes our carpets soft to touch, flame retardant and anti-static, and has passed international fire safety tests and national carpet standards control, which means Brighten Carpet fully demonstrate quality, comfort and durability.

Brighten hand Tufted Carpets has been applied to a large amount of important projects, such as Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, The Great Hall of the people, Shanghai Dong Jiao Guesthouse, Shanghai International Convention Center, Guangdong Olympic Sports Center, The Galaxy Macau, office of the Chief Executive of Macau.etc, Royal Palace of Phnom Penh, Burj Al Arab. The excellent hand crafts and superior quality are highly accepted by the clients in China and aboard.

You are welcome to contact us for more information and we believe our carpets will benifit you and bring you long term business, we have experienced international sales team, they will provide you professional suggestion and service, and be fully responsible for your order. To choose Brighten, to choose a reliable long term partner!